The Institute of Organic Agricultural Economics cooperated with Vietnam Cooperative Alliance to organize a seminar on trade and technology promotion and funding attraction for development of cooperatives in Vietnam.

On the afternoon of May 18, 2018, at the Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi, the Institute of Organic Agricultural Economics coordinated with Vietnam Cooperative Alliance to hold a seminar on “Trade and Technology Promotion and Funding Attraction for Development of Cooperatives in Vietnam”. The seminar included 3 sessions focusing on achievements, potential and trend of cooperative economic and cooperatives development in Vietnam and in the world; resources to support trade and technology promotion and funding attraction for development of cooperative economy, etc.

The conference attracted more than 350 guests including members of more than 200 Vietnamese typical cooperatives and hundreds of investors, financial partners, leading experts in Vietnam, France, United States, South Korea, etc. and representatives of news agencies with many extensive cooperation programs to connect resources and find a  sustainable development model for the cooperative economy in Vietnam.

At the workshop, the parties affirmed that the cooperative economic trend is indispensable for development of Vietnam agriculture, which is evidenced by a series of successful cooperative models in Vietnam such as Viet Cuong Cooperative, An Phuoc Health Cooperative, etc. and model of agricultural cooperative in value chain of Groupe Limagrain (France).

In addition to promoting trade and technology for agricultural, rural and cooperatives development, one of the issues that the delegates paid special attention to is the solution to capital shortage for cooperative development in Vietnam. This is an urgent and necessary need for national economic development. However, over many past years, the poor farmer cannot access to preferential agricultural capital. As a middle man of seeking and linking social resources, especially preferential sources, at this seminar, the Institute of Organic Agricultural Economics and its partners announced to give the preferential credit package which is used for buying agricultural materials for cooperatives and farmer households across the country in order to overcome the difficulties in attracting capital for development of cooperatives.

After the seminar, the parties held a trade fair at Thong Nhat Park, bringing together 300 booths displaying agricultural products, handicrafts, trade and services of cooperatives from 63 provinces, specialties of regions, socio-economic achievements and scientific works. This fair is also a place to connect national and international investors and find market consumption as well as trade promotion for Vietnamese cooperatives.

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